We got bigger and badder - formerly suckerz 🍭 - LEARN more πŸ‘‰


Last week, we kissed Suckerz goodbye and welcomed a new era: say hello to Bad Mouth! πŸ‘„πŸ¬

Why the switch you ask? Simply put, we've evolved. Our candy dreams have grown bigger and bolder, stretching way beyond the world of just lollipops. It’s time our name did too.

We're here to shake up the candy aisle, not just blend into it. Bad Mouth isn't just a name; it's a promise to continue crafting the kick-ass candy you love, without all the bad ingredients. Our mission? To fill your bad mouth with good candy.

Our Suckerz fam has morphed into the Bad Mouth fam. Bigger. Bolder. And more united than ever. We're growing together, launching into new candy categories and excited to have every single one of you to join us on this wild ride.Thanks for being part of our journey and for welcoming Bad Mouth into your homes, hearts and mouths. We're buzzing with excitement for what's ahead and can't wait for you to taste what we've been cooking up.Β 

The Bad Mouth Team 🍬